How To Get Updated Rosters & Schedules for NCAA 14


Step 1: Make an account on

Step 2: Download the 2 things below and unzip the files:

Brute Force Data:  Download Here

Dynasty Editor:

Step 3: Go to the operation sports thread by clicking here.

Download the 2016 Schedule File and find the Roster File.

Step 4: Start PS3 and download roster file.

Step 5: Start dynasty and update conference realignment. Instructions can be found by clicking here.

Step 6: STOP AT PRESEASON MENU. DO NOT START SEASON. Save your dynasty and then copy the file on to a USB drive.

Step 7: Plug USB drive in to PC. Open Brute Force Data and decrypt all files.

Step 8: Open Save Data file and find USR-DATA. Add .MC02 to the end of the file.

Step 9: Open that USR-DATA.MC02 file in the dynasty editor.

Step 10: Under the “Organization” tab, select “Schedule”. A list of the current in-game schedule should appear. Go to “File” and then “Import Current Table”. Select the unzipped schedule file you downloaded and click save.

Step 11: Go back to the USR-DATA file and click CRL + Z. This will remove the .MC02 tag.

Step 12: Open the file back up in Brute Force Data and Encrypt all files.

Step 13: Copy the file back from your USB drive to PS3. Load up and enjoy!